Spicy Tommy’s Margarita Recipe


One of my favourite drinks is a Tommy’s Margarita; more tequila and less everything else, and I like a spicy Tajin rim, a Mexican blend of lime, chilli and salt. You can order the Tajin from The Mex Grocer – it’s so addictive. My Recipe is very punchy and sour so feel free to tweak it as you like. This is a really clean drink, so use a banging tequila, like Patron or Aqua Riva tequila.


  1. Mix the tequila, agave and lime juice over ice.
  2. Tip the Tajin onto a plate and some water into a shallow bowl. Dip the rim of a glass about 1/2 cm into the dish of water and then into the tajin. twist the glass to get a really good, spicy rim.
  3. Fill the glass with ice and lime wedges. Shake the drink and pour over into the glass. Cheers!


Serves 1
75ml Tequila
35ml agave
The juice of 2 limes
2 tbsp Tajin
Ice and lime wedges to serve

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