Turkish Fish Sandwich

My Turkish Fish Sandwich recipe is so easy to make and just like the ones that you find in sizzling stalls in Istanbul along the Bosphorus.

One of my favourite drinks is a Tommy’s Margarita; more tequila and less everything else, and I like a spicy tajin rim. Click for the full recipe.

Lamb Cutlet Fattah

This is my version of a very traditional Middle Eastern dish where the meat would be covered in a rich tahini sauce and then showered in different toppings.

Persian rice – Tahdig

This elegant rice recipe is cooked in two stages to give you the perfect Persian tahdig, a crispy layer of rice, pan fried in butter until crunchy.

Aubergine Ghormeh Sabzi

My vegetarian version of the classic Persian stew, gormez sabzi, is a wonderfully fragrant dinner party dish. This vegetarian recipe is very easy to make.