Thai Green Curry

Sink into my Thai green curry recipe made with delicious homemade curry paste. I have used pork but you can swap that for anything you like.

Drunken Rice

I discovered this delicious stir-fried rice recipe in Talat Noi, a wonderful old Chinese neighbourhood in Bangkok. It's classic street food.

Crispy Thai Pork Belly

This delicious roasted pork belly is flavoured with fish sauce and black pepper and then served with a lovely tart dipping sauce.

Crispy Falafel

This crispy falafel recipe uses dried chickpeas, soaked overnight to get the texture perfect. They are great for a snack or stuffing them into a wrap

Korean Kebabs

This is such a simple meal to make, quick-cooked Korean pork kebabs slathered in spicy condiments to pep them up. A perfect mid-week recipe.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Perhaps one of the simplest and more comforting soups around, this Turkish red lentil soup recipe or mercimek çorbasi is a staple dish in Turkey.