Crispy Falafel

This crispy falafel recipe uses dried chickpeas, soaked overnight to get the texture perfect. They are great for a snack or stuffing them into a wrap

Korean Kebabs

This is such a simple meal to make, quick-cooked Korean pork kebabs slathered in spicy condiments to pep them up. A perfect mid-week recipe.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Perhaps one of the simplest and more comforting soups around, this Turkish red lentil soup recipe or mercimek çorbasi is a staple dish in Turkey.

Lebanese Cauliflower Kebabs

Roasted cauliflower, spiced and charred until black and smoky makes such a fantastic vegetarian kebab recipe. Serve with yogurt and flatbreads.

Hummus Eggs & Relaxed Tomatoes

My hummus with eggs and relaxed tomatoes is inspired by the amazing stuff from Abu Hassan in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. I think he makes the best hummus in the world.

Middle Eastern Meatballs

Midweek meals don’t get any better than my middle Eastern Meatballs with pasta and cheese – its super easy to make and bursting with big flavours.

Turkish Eggs recipe, silky soft poached eggs with a luscious layer of creamy yogurt, chilli butter and dill. A perfect brunch recipe.

Rolo Chocolate Brownies

Flecked with Rolo, yes Rolos the retro sweets, this decadent dark chocolate brownie recipe is a really indulgent treat to bake.

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