Turkey Taco Board

This simple turkey taco board is perfect for using up any leftover turkey meat on Boxing Day. Put everything on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

Thai Waterfall Salad

Perfect for a lighter lunch over the festive period, John's Thai Waterfall Salad uses leftover turkey, shredded up with loads of salad a tart dressing.

Turkey Fattah

A rif on the classic Middle Easter layered salad, John's Turkey Fattah is the ultimate way to pimp your leftovers on Boxing Day

Thai Beef Noodles

A quick and easy stir-fry recipe, Thai Beef Noodles that john cooked for Phill and Holly on This Morning makes the perfect mid-week meal

Alleppy Prawn Curry

A quick and easy South Indian curry, John's Alleppy Prawn Curry is the perfect mid-week meal from his book Fire and Spice

Shrimp Kabsa

Shrimp Kabsa is a twist very classic Gulf dish, traditionally made with chicken. It’s super easy to make but, sorry, it does involve a lot of ingredients.