Persian rice – Tahdig

This elegant rice recipe is cooked in two stages to give you the perfect Persian tahdig, a crispy layer of rice, pan fried in butter until crunchy.

Aubergine Ghormeh Sabzi

My vegetarian version of the classic Persian stew, gormez sabzi, is a wonderfully fragrant dinner party dish. This vegetarian recipe is very easy to make.

Sticky Pomegranate Chicken

This easy chicken traybake recipe is packed with so much flavour from pomegranate molasses and sumac. Serve with a green salad for an easy dinner.

Menemen – Turkish Eggs

This classic Turkish breakfast recipe is made with scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes and peppers. Perfect with loads of coffee and bread.

Thai Green Curry

Sink into my Thai green curry recipe made with delicious homemade curry paste. I have used pork but you can swap that for anything you like.

Drunken Rice

I discovered this delicious stir-fried rice recipe in Talat Noi, a wonderful old Chinese neighbourhood in Bangkok. It's classic street food.