Sabich Salad

This is a rif on the sensational Iraqi sandwich, Sabish. It’s a textural delight of sticky fried aubergines, boiled eggs, chickpeas and salad, doused in tahini and served in a soft pitta.

Zhoug – spicy Yemenite chilli paste

Zhoug is a vibrant green, spicy Yemenite chilli paste. It’s fresh and fragrant and goes so well with kebabs, grilled fish, fried eggs and roasted aubergines. It’s a balance of flavours, so tweak [...]

Creamy Courgette Meze

This sizzling summer meze is the most fabulous accompaniment to a BBQ. It goes so well with grilled fish and barbequed chicken. This is all about the flavour of the courgettes and yogurt, so get [...]

Saffron Ice Cream

Scented with saffron, this simple no-churn ice cream is so easy to make and tastes divine. The Saffron bleeds into the ice cream, giving a fabulous sunshine yellow colour and incredible perfume.

Harissa & Orange Halloumi Spring Salad

This punchy salad has so much flavour and is ready to rock in about 20 minutes. Winning. The halloumi absorbs all the fiery flavours of the harissa and the salty kick works beautifully with the [...]

Pulled Lamb Mechoui

A simple Moroccan recipe, inspired by the street food in Marrakech, John's pulled lamb shoulder is spiced with ras el hanout.

Turkish Fish Sandwich

My Turkish Fish Sandwich recipe is so easy to make and just like the ones that you find in sizzling stalls in Istanbul along the Bosphorus.