Herby Cauliflower Fritters

My Herby cauliflower fritters are the ultimate brunch, I fry them until crispy and then serve them in a stack with poached eggs and yogurt.

Lemongrass Mojito

The ultimate quick and easy summer cocktail, my Lemongrass Mojito is made in jam jars so you can pack them up easily for a picnic

Tortellini Mac Cheese

Tortellini Mac Cheese is one of those dinners for when you don't have the energy to make dinner. From fridge to fork in under 10 minutes. Winning.

Moroccan Fish Cakes

Perfect for a quick and easy mid-week meal, my Moroccan Fish Cakes are made with salmon fillets and flavoured with harissa.

Bourbon Berry Crush

For the ultimate summer cocktail, my Bourbon Berry Crush is perfect. It's smoky, seasonal and super easy to make. perfect for a garden get together

Ali Nazik Steak Supper

This sophisticated steak supper is a spin on a Turkish dish called Ali Nazik; smoked aubergine, topped with juicy sliced steaks and a fiery chilli butter.

Thai Chicken Salad

This is the best Thai Chicken Salad that I know. The chicken is marinated in spices and coconut and served crispy with a lovely chilled salad