Panettone French Toast


1. Whisk the eggs together with the milk, sugar and half the orange zest in a shallow dish. Dunk the slices of panettone into the egg, making sure both sides get completely coated.
2. Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Once hot, melt half the butter and then add two slices of the panettone. Cook for 2 minutes a side or until golden. Remove from the pan place onto a warm serving plate. Melt the remaining butter and repeat with the remaining two slices of panettone.
3. To serve, divide the Rodda’s Clotted Cream between the two plates of panettone French toast. Top with the orange segments and drizzle over the salted caramel.


Paid partnership with Rodda’s


Serves 2

2 eggs, whisked
2 tbsp while milk
2 tsp caster sugar
Two oranges, zested and segmented
4 slices of panettone – 1cm thick rounds, approx. 70g each
25g butter
80g Rodda’s Clotted Cream
2 tbsp salted caramel sauce
10g pistachio kernels, ground
Dark chocolate, shaved to serve

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