Rockstar Roasted Veggies

These make a wicked veggie main course. You can add in a grain salad with a tart dressing to bulk it out or serve it with piping hot pitta breads. Hard core carnivores, chuck in anything from a juicy steak to a succulent roast chicken. It’s the dish that keeps on giving.


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 fan. Chuck all the vegetables into a large roasting dish and add the cauliflower leaves. You want a single layer of vegetates, so they roast properly. Add the olive oil, oregano, Turkish pepper flakes and a good pinch of salt. Toss together and roast for 35- 40 minutes until charred and tender.
  2. Swirl the yogurt onto a large serving plate. Add the harissa and swirl into the yogurt.
  3. Pile the veggies onto the yogurt and drizzle over the tahini. Scatter over the pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and mint. I love an extra pinch of Turkish pepper flakes. Finally, drizzle over a little olive oil and serve immediately.


Serves 4

2 courgettes, cut into 1 inch rounds
2 red pepper, cut into 1 inch strips
2 red onions, cut into wedges
1 small cauliflower, broken into florets (approx. 400g)
2 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
2 tsp dried oregano
2 tsp Turkish pepper flakes
300g Greek yogurt
2 tbsp rose harissa
6 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp pomegranate seeds
10g toasted pine nuts
A handful of finely chopped mint leaves
Sea salt

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