Rosewater Peaches

This is just the simplest dessert to make if you don’t have much time, just beautifully ripe peaches, ripped up and placed into rosewater infused yogurt and then drizzled with runny honey. Get the ripest peaches you can for this so they are really sweet and juicy. If they aren’t quite there, try cooking them in a little butter to soften them first or charring them on the BBQ. It also makes a banging breakfast!


  1. Tip the yogurt into a mixing bowl and add the rosewater. Mix together and spoon onto two serving plates.
  2. Top each plate with the peaches and garnish with hazelnuts. Drizzle a little honey over everything and tuck in.


Serves 2

200g Greek yogurt
2 tsp rose water
2 large ripe peaches, ripped off the stones
15g toasted hazelnuts, lightly crushed
Runny honey to serve

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